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Tracing Your Irish Ancestors

:: Interested in tracing your ancestors?

:: Trying to piece together the story of your family?

:: Want to arrange a family Tour of your Irish Ancestors Home townland and places they knew?

:: Is learning about your roots something you desire but just don't have the time to do it yourself?

:: Are you stuck somewhere on your own research?

:: Are you the Executor of a will trying to trace missing beneficiaries?

:: Wherever you are in the world, if you answer yes to any of the above then please get in touch with us at ancestrace.

Researching for You

:: Complete ancestry research, investigating a particular name or finding and transcribing a single archive record or headstone inscription - whatever it is you need - we'll do it!

:: However large or small your request, it'll be our pleasure to help you.

:: Based in Dublin, Ireland we'll personally visit Archives, Repositories, Churches - in fact anywhere necessary to trace your ancestors.

:: Do we enjoy this? - ok. yes, more than a little!!! So, it's not exactly a toil... But not as much as we'll enjoy making a presentation to you of your family history.

:: Outside of Ireland we have a network of professional researchers we can call on should the need arise. Even if the research takes us abroad.

:: We're also happy to assist fellow genealogists from anywhere in the world if you require information or research regarding any of the above areas.

Ancestry Research Gifts

:: A fully researched and documented family history can be interesting and exceptionally fulfilling. You never know what might be uncovered.

:: It doesn't have to be your own family history.

:: Why not give someone a book of their ancestry as a gift for a special occasion, such as a wedding, wedding anniversary, a christening, special birthday or even retirement.

:: Whatever the occasion make someone a gift of Ancestrace. They'll love it and it'll be a great addition to the family.

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When in Ireland

Ireland Tours

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Ireland Tour.
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Researching in Ireland

National Archives

National Library

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Land Valuation Office

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General Register Office Belfast

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

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